How long is a day?

The day starts at 10am and you must have the boat back to us by 5pm.

Do I need any experience? ​

No experience of boating is required; all tuition necessary will be given on the day.

What if it rains?

All the boats have canvas covers which are easily pulled up and fastened if the weather turns; we will supply umbrellas and towels if the weather is very wet, and we recommend bringing waterproofs.

Can anyone drive?

Only an adult may book a boat, but children may drive if supervised by an adult.

What is a small boat? ​

A small boat is a 14ft aluminium boat which can accommodate a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children. There are three cushioned benches onboard; one at the back where the driver sits, one across the middle of the boat and one at the front. The boat has an electric outboard motor and is wheel steered.

What is a large boat? ​ ​

A large boat is a 16ft fiberglass boat which can accommodate a maximum of 6 adults and 2 children. There is U-shaped cushioned seating running along the sides and back of the boat, and a bench across the front behind the steering wheel. The boat has an electric inboard motor and is wheel steered.

How do you define a child? ​

A child is anyone under 16 of average build. All under-16s and non-swimmers MUST wear a life jacket (these are provided).

How far can I go?

​ You have two choices: If you go north for 2.5 hours you will reach the Coach and Horses pub which is located at the first lock. If you go south then you will reach Govilon in 2.5 hours and visit the Tafarn-y-Bont pub, or closer to us there is the Towpath Inn in Gilwern. If you bring a picnic then you can stop wherever you would like for lunch.

Where can I stop during my day? ​

​ You may stop wherever you like on the towpath side of the canal; mooring equipment is provided on the boats.

Can I walk alongside the boats? ​

Yes, along the whole length of the Monmouthsire and Brecon canal runs an excellent towpath within feet of the waters edge. The speed limit on the canal is 2.5mph which is a slow walking pace.

How fast do the boats go?

We have regulated the boat engines to comply with the 2.5mph speed limit on the canal – you can expect to be overtaken by walkers! Please do stick to the speed limit to keep your batteries from draining before you get back to us.

Can I bring my dog? ​

Dogs are welcome, but please remember that if you have filled the boat to capacity there will be room for small dogs only. Doggy life jackets will be provided upon request. Please do not allow your dog to swim alongside the boat – the boats have propellers at the back which would make this very dangerous.

Are there toilets aboard the boats? ​​

No, but there is a toilet at our bae which you are free to use before you set off. During the day, if you head south then there are Canal and River Trust toilets at Gilwern accessible using a key we will provide, or you can use the toilets at any of the pubs you choose to visit.

Can I bring a pushchair? ​

Yes you may, but remember there is limited space especially on the smaller boats, so it may be better to book a large boat if you wish to bring one.

Do you provide life jackets for babies? ​ ​

Life jackets are provided for all sizes/ages and for dogs also.

What is the ‘luxury launch’? ​

The luxury launch is a very rare Victorian wooden dayboat. This is our largest dayboat seating 8 adults, and it even has a small fridge where you will find glasses and a bottle of bubbly to enjoy during your trip! The boat is wheel steered and has an electric inboard motor. This is the Aston Martin of boats – without the noise or speed! Please note this boat has no rain cover so do bring waterproofs.

Can I fish from the boat? ​

Fishing is permitted in certain places along the canal; sections where its forbidden are clearly signed. Ensure you have a valid rod fishing licence with you.

What if I need the toilet? ​

You will be given a Canal & River Trust key which gives you access to the toilet blocks at

- Govilon (between bridges 96 and 97)
- Gilwern (between bridges 103 and 104)
- Llangattock (between bridges 115 and 116)
- Llangynidr (between bridges 133 and 134)

Paddle-Boat Questions & Answers

Where can I go in the paddleboat? ​

We advise that you bring a picnic and only paddle as far as your own fitness and comfort allows. The pubs are generally too far to reach by canoe, expect perhaps the Towpath pub at Gilwern which you may reach if you paddle fast! Otherwise simply paddle for half your time in one direction and then turn and head back.

What if I capsize? ​

The canal is no more than 1-1.5m deep in most places – if you capsize simply stand up and right your canoe, then walk to the bank.

How do I use it?

​ Full instruction will be provided when you arrive, but the boat is simple enough; two people paddle facing one another and the person facing forward will steer the boat.

How many people per boat? ​

There are two seats for paddlers, with a small space between the pedals which would fit a small dog or child.